Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project – 6

We’re filming interviews to promote μ’s.  Won’t you join us?


RECAP:  Nozomi-senpai is filming an interview video of μ’s to help promote the “clubs” of the school.  This chance also allows the girls to use the camera for a new Promotional Video (PV), or Music Video.  During the entire interviewing process a big question comes up: Just who is the leader of μ’s?  The girls then take some time to try and figure out who should be the leader, more importantly the center, of the group.  In the end, they decide on taking turns because they all stand on equal ground when it comes to talents.

Even though I’ve watched μ’s music videos a number of times by now, I never really noticed that they took turns intentionally in every PV.  The idea of everyone sharing the spotlight is a great idea and works for select few Idol groups in reality.  It all completely depends on popularity of each individual and whether the producing studio wants to bank on that popularity.  But this is Love Live!, even though Honoka is in the center spotlight a majority of the time, she is still a good leader as any.  A talented leader means nothing if you don’t have the right attitude and passion to motivate the team and the audience.

By the way, it was really fun to see Niko-senpai get dogged in all those “contests” she made up.  Sorry, Niko fans.

It has been three weeks since we last heard/seen an insert song/PV.  This song is calledKorekara no Someday (lit. Someday in the Future), a wonderful song that fits the girls’ current situation.  It is a song about coming together and working earnestly towards their dreams, never giving in to failure and pressing forward.  The choreography for this PV, and the camera work of the first half of this episode, makes up for the some of the slight hiccups in animation I’ve seen this and last week.

Nozomi-senpai is taking a roundabout way to support μ’s and nudge the Student Council President, Eri-senpai, to finally admit that she wants to support μ’s too.  From the looks of this scene and the preview for next week, Eri and Nozomi are very close to joining the team, finally.  Of course, this is not without any complications.  Just why is Eri so adamant about not publicly supporting μ’s even though she really wants to?  Is it her position as Student Council President?  The school is shutting down and one of the few options to regain the school’s popularity to save it is through μ’s.  So, why?  That should be revealed next week.

GO Rating:  4/5

See that Polaroid? Remember that Maid Café autograph from last week?  Kotori’s been doing some secret training!


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