“Ghost in the Shell: Arise” Details Announced

Sometime last month the world caught wind of a new Ghost in the Shell in the making.  Today, new details have been announced in regards to the new series, Ghost in the Shell: Arise.



The staff at Production I.G. announced that the new GitS project will be composed of four 50-minute parts.  The first of the series, Ghost Pain, will run in Japanese theaters for two weeks starting on June 22nd.  Blu-ray disc special edition copies will run for 8,000 yen at select theaters.  There will also be a paid stream available, only in Japan so far.  General retail Blu-ray for the first part will be released on July 26th.

It has also been confirmed that the 4-parter is a prequel series depicting Motoko Kusanagi when she was younger, according to writer Ubukata Tou.

Cast List:

Sakamoto Maaya as Kusanagi Motoko

Matsuda Kenichirou as Batou

Shingaki Tarusuke as Togusa

Dan Tomoyuki as Ishikawa

Nakakuni Takurou as Saito

Ueda Youji as Paz

Nakai Kazuya as Borma

Juku Ikkyuu as Aramaki Daisuke


Text translation:

The year 2027
Her name is Motoko Kusanagi.
Attached to the 501st Army Secret Unit.
Heavily Cyborg

Hope for the Future

What is the proof of my existence?
It all begins here.


[Source: ANN]


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