Anime Review: AKB0048 Next Stage – 6

Star light, star bright. Which successor will we see tonight?


RECAP: The first official concert for the Senbatsu members is coming up (the guerilla live on Atamistar doesn’t count). For each of them, their popularity has skyrocketed since the Elections. During practice, Yuuko calls out Chieri and Nagisa for their lack in “radiance.” Meanwhile, the Kirara of Succession foretells a successor for Maeda Atsuko as well as Mimori’s succession. When Mimori falls ill, Nagisa is asked to fill in for her. In the end, we find out Mimori’s fever is related to succession. Just who will Mimori succeed?

This week’s episode is a really good build-up before the storm. Ever since witnessing the Kirara light of Chieri and Nagisa, Yuuko has been very aware of them being rivals for the role of Center Nova. She called the two out during practice for not being “radiance enough.” However, in her heart she knows, she too is missing that certain something to be brighter than Acchan was. Mii-chan was very kind enough to give Yuuko some advice on how to “capture the moment,” but will that be enough to compete with Chieri and Nagisa when the time comes?

The rules and process to succession has been very vague for the majority of the series. What we DO know is that it all comes down to the person’s soul inheriting the very same passion the original held. This fever that Mimori has is explained as a “rush of information” to her heart. Simply put, her heart is being infused with the soul essence of the person she is succeeding. It has been speculated that Mimori won’t be able to “pass the test” of becoming a successor and that she may possibly even die from the process. Let us just hope it does not come to that as all of 0048 will be devastated if it were to happen.

But what does inheriting that “Successor’s Soul” do, exactly? Tsubasa-san even alludes to something of the sort when she worries what will happen to Acchan when the Maeda Atsuko name is succeeded. Acchan, to their knowledge, is merely a soul essence with no body at this point. This question is definitely sure to be answered by the end of the series.

When Nagisa shouted out during the performance, I cringed a bit because they were in the middle of a song. But I was definitely glad that she finally sees a path to run alongside Chieri and Yuuko in this race to Center Nova status. The last missing piece for her to realize is the destination. All Nagisa knows is that she doesn’t want to be left behind and radiate just as much. It is easy to assume that Center Nova is where she wants to be. But we all know the Idol biz is all about entertaining the audience. To smile and bring joyful tears to the audience, all while radiating a beautiful Kirara light, makes Center Nova merely a title. I hope next week’s episode is not more build up and that Nagisa really does step up her game.

GO Rating: 4/5


Yuuko camera troll mode.


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