Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 6

May the Dead Knight haunt your dreams for all eternity.

RECAP:  With the Winter King breaking off relations with the Central Nations, the battle for Bright Light Island draws near.  With the help of the “Crimson Scholar” the Winter Country stands a chance to take back the island.  Meanwhile, Yuusha scares the governing soldiers of Gate City into leaving their post, “reinforcing” the Winter army.  This two-prong attack marks the fall of the Demons of Bright Light Island.

Economic and War driven anime really astonish me when it comes to making simple ideas seem like innovations.  The thought never crossed my mind that constructing an ice bridge would be a viable strategy to travel to Bright Light Island.  Although it is also reasonable that this world is still under-developed, they would not be able to devise such a plan without the “Crimson Scholar.”  This is why Strategists are such an important job when it comes to times of war and strife.

Yuusha also makes his return to society, sort of.  By revealing himself in front of the Winter King, the soldiers, and especially the Old Man (Jii-san), he mildly returns to the spotlight while many thought him to be dead or out of commission.  Now I wonder, whose plan exactly was it to have the soldiers of Gate City “help” at Bright Light?  From the looks of it, Maou and Yuusha got to do more than dance that one night away in last week’s episode.  Maou likely devised a plan around what Yuusha was already trying to accomplish, by equalizing the governing powers in Gate City.

Although short, this was an amazing battle to behold.  I personally like seeing Polearm-type weapons in action, so the Ice Demon was a great sight.  In a series that has been mostly about War Politics and Economics, it was also nice to see some actual fighting.  And boy was it animated well.  This also proved the ability of Onna-kishi’s prowess in battle.  We already knew about her absurd strength, so to see her agility and skills in action is a good step up.  Also, prior to that, it was really funny to see her jump onto Yuusha when he made his “entrance.”

Rating:  4/5

War never changes. Neither do lecherous old men.

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