Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 5

A glimpse of the truth behind Kuroki Rei is revealed!

RECAP:  Five episodes in, we finally get a proper introduction to Kuroki Rei, the black-haired girl that has the mysterious ability to power up the Alones.  With the Summer Trip coming up, Akane and the girls want to invite Kuroki as the 5th member of their group.  Sadly, their attempts to befriend her are reciprocated with a cold shoulder.  Also, we find out a little bit about who is pulling the strings behind Kuroki’s strange power.

Before I get to talking about the more important Kuroki Rei aspect of this week’s episode, I want to get this off my chest.  How is it that, with all this technology and all the cameras watching the Alones when they attack, they don’t see a golden arrow piercing the Alones’ body?  They have the technology to see the enemy energy patterns but can’t see an arrow and deduce the direction as to where it came from.  Hell, even a high-school girl is able to hack a satellite camera and zoom in on VivdRed during a fight.

Okay, aside from that rant, I was pretty content with the story elements of this episode.  It has been speculated that Kuroki Rei is an Akemi Homura clone, as far as motives for seemingly being the “bad guy.”  However, this episode cleared up that possibility.  We find out a couple important things like: 1) Kuroki Rei is not a bad person, 2) She is being manipulated by the Alones, and 3) She is doing what she is doing to save “her world,” and her parents from destruction.

This is all because “her world” was affected by the incident with the Manifestor Engine.  This assumes the Engine of “this world (World A)” had some kind of temporal connection to “her world (World B).”  So, when World A’s Engine incident happened, it likely destroyed World B.  The only other theory that comes to mind is that both World A and World B are parallel, and both have Manifestor Engines.  If both Engines faulted at the same time, despite being in two different worlds, it somehow destroyed World B only.  The only difference could come down to the fact World A had the energy for the Vivid System protecting it.

While this is a great set up for Kuroki’s motive and the inter-world theorizing is neat, it almost seems too good.  Rather, it just might be too cliché.  So far, Vividred Operation has not entirely wow’d me beyond the Vivid System and the Transformation sequences.  And even those have some quirks in staying on-model for the art/animation.  There wasn’t even a combined transformation sequence, let alone a singular transformation sequence this episode!  You’re lucky I like the girls’ VividOutfits, Vividred Operation.

Rating:  2.5/5

Unless I missed it in dialogue in previous episodes, I’m glad to know their mom isn’t dead.


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