Anime Review: Tamako Market – 5

It still may be Winter for us, but time flies when you’re making mochi.


RECAP:  Summer is upon us in Tamako Market.  The girls take Tamako out to the pool to learn before the Summer school trip.  Meanwhile, Mochizou still broods on his inability to convey his feelings to Tamako, asking Dera to help him out.  Midori takes notice of the boys, adamantly trying to prevent anything from progressing between the two.

It is surprising to find out that Tamako is the type of girl who can’t swim.  Her happy-go-lucky attitude gives off the feeling that she is at least above average when it comes to physical activities.  At least her not being able to do so allowed us two funny moments of Tamako’s attempts to swim.  It is also nice to see more of all four of the girls hanging out.

This week’s episode confused me.  It made me begin to rethink my previous speculation that Midori harbors feelings for Tamako.  Midori is very conscious of Mochizou’s feelings towards Tamako.  This leaves the impression that she is just being overprotective of her “good” friend, or we’ve been misled and she likes Mochizou instead.  All the scenes where Midori and Mochizou were present gave hints of both impressions.  So it is a bit difficult to distinguish the truth of the matter.

Although this last scene with the fireworks sort of cleared up my confusion, I’ll still leave the idea up for debate.  Midori quickly realized that she doesn’t have the right to stop Mochizou from confessing.  He also realizes it was a dumb idea to rely on Dera to help him.  If you look at the shot where the five of them are all shouting out at the fireworks, Tamako is placed in the center.  Of course, this makes sense: she IS the title character after all.  However, she is placed in-between Midori and Mochizou.  Many people don’t realize that character placement is a science in animated storytelling.  But I feel this shot alone clears up the possible misconception, bringing us right back to the original speculation of both of them in love with Tamako.

GO Rating:  4/5

Dera-chan just can’t catch a break, can he?


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