Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project – 5

Niko-niko Smile! A Niko-niko Smile, straight to your heart!


RECAP:  This week focuses on Yazawa Niko-senpai, the third year that runs the Idol Research Club.  Because this club exists, the μ’s girls are in a pinch when they don’t have an alternate place to practice when it rains (remember they practice on the roof).  The girls are then forced to try persuading Niko-senpai to merge clubs for a clubroom.  However, she doesn’t approve of μ’s at all.

Before this episode, I didn’t like Niko a whole lot.  Now that we have some backstory as to why she is so anal about μ’s and their current progress, I dislike her a lot less now.  It was still quite amusing to see her attempts to dishearten the ever-optimistic Honoka and the rest of the girls.  Her dedication to Idols has complete merit.  As an Anime fan, I too would react in a similar fashion if I were to see a disgrace to the medium.  So it definitely is not all too surprising that her “definition” of an Idol and the standard is set really high for her.

There was also some slight focus on Rin this episode, which really makes me happy.  As the eccentric genki(happy)-girl, Rin has all this spunk that hasn’t really been shown off through anything but cheering on Hanayo last episode.  The short gymnastic-dance routine she did on the roof was amazingly animated.  Plus, the streaks in the water puddles made it look even cooler.

The big problem I have with Niko now, besides her super-tsundere-ness, is that this episode didn’t give the feeling that she has learned her lesson from the previous failed Idol group she led years ago.  Now that she is with μ’s, I hope that her “standard” will toughen up the girls, but not so much as to completely take away from the fun of it all.  I doubt this will happen, considering she can feel like she is “part of something.”

GO Rating: 2.5/5


μ’s membership ritual #84: Girl-on-girl molesting???


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