Anime Review: AKB0048 Next Stage – 5

A Makoto-focused episode?!  If you’re a fan of Miss Grumbly, you’re sure to want to see this.


RECAP: The first guerilla live post-Elections are coming up with only the Senbatsu (Elected) members performing on the planet Baltistar.  While the 76th generation understudies (Kanata & co.) act as concert defenders, the 77th generation (Nagisa & co.) are sent on an undercover mission to an orbiting asteroid/DES base.  They soon find out that high-ranking officials and politicians have been using 0048’s concerts as the basis of an underground gambling ring.

Just as I had hoped, we are getting some episodes focusing on the girls that have been too oft left out of the loop.  Even though our girls are still slightly down in the dumps about not being elected, they (for the most part) now know that they need to step up their game.  Especially Nagisa, after she directly challenged Chieri at the end of last episode.

This week, we get a semi-obvious Makoto-focused episode that ends up pretty alright.  Being grumbly is part of Makoto’s character.  While I find her constant grumbling to be annoying, to make her do a 180 and change to be more optimistic would defeat the purpose of her character — even failures can shine.  If there is anything to be learned from Makoto, it is that your Kirara can shine bright just by being yourself.

This underground casino thing just might be the edge 0048 needs to further push entertainment across the galaxy.  However, I can’t shake the feeling that there is something more to it than just money.  Chieri’s dad must have been utilizing that system to further observe AKB0048 so that he may gain even more information for this secret “Light of the Kirara” research.

Now that I think about it, where is Chieri’s mother?  This is just my own personal speculation, but I think that this research may have something to do with her and is using Chieri to obtain whatever goal he has in mind.  Either that, or Kirara Light can be harnessed into a pure energy source (or both).

GO Rating: 4.5/5 (An extra .5 for using my 2nd favorite song, Heavy Rotation.)



Pro Idol toilet scrubbing!


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