Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 5

Things pick up in this week’s episode as the war, politics, and the economy tensions rise.

RECAP:  It has been one year since Maou and Yuusha temporarily parted ways and the winds of change have already begun to gust.  The Battle for Bright Light Island ends in a huge failure, forcing the Winter Prince to take up his fallen father’s throne, taking hold of the new direction of the Southern nations.  Meanwhile, we find out what Yuusha has been attempting to accomplish this entire time away.

The Battle for Bright Light Island was a really dumb plan.  Surely the humans should already know that sea monsters like giant squid exist in those waters.  Regardless of how many ships you have, the number of enemies is unknown to you.  It was all horrible planning, a huge waste of resources.  Hopefully, the new Winter King will be able to change the ways in favor of ending this useless war.  He is fully aware of Maou’s prescence as the “Crimson Scholar,” so surely he may plan to utilize her teachings to branch away from relying on the war funds of the Central nations.

On the other side of things, it is good we got a chance to see a bit of what Yuusha has been doing besides looking for his lost Mage companion.  If I may understand this correctly, Gate City is a demon world land that was taken and occupied by the humans, leaving the demons left behind to become practically slaves to the new residents.  They finally show other demons that are being oppressed, which is good for the story and Yuusha’s development.  To truly understand how to find a middle ground (peace), we must first see and realize the things wrong with this current world.

Contrary to what I was thinking was going to happen, Yuusha backstabbed me by revealing Maou’s identity to Onna Kishi behind the scenes.  This completely cut out the vision I had of her freaking out.  However, this scene is very well done.  It tells us exactly how strong the bond is between Yuusha and Onna Kishi, while also setting up a new bond between her and Maou.    Besides, it looks like Onna Kishi hasn’t given up her love for Yuusha just yet.

Finally, Yuusha returns to Maou!  Yuusha is pretty dense when it comes to intimate relationships, as we’ve come to find out.  But I think his idea of trying to be useful to Maou isn’t all that bad.  In Maou’s defense though, he seriously could have come to visit any time.  Either way, this last scene focusing purely on just these two was a good way to end this myriad of pace-changing throughout the entire episode.  After seeing them apart for so long, it makes seeing them together all the sweeter.

Rating: 4/5

Seriously dude, you should have visited her.

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