Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 4

VividYellow joins the girls this episode, completing the set.  They’re really going fast with this, aren’t they?

RECAP:  This week’s episode focuses on Shinomiya Himawari, the super-hacker extraordinaire that became a recluse and stopped going to school at one point.  After Akane accidentally breaks Himawari’s camera, she, Aoi, and Wakaba go to Himawari’s home to apologize.  They get her to go outside to see the Streaming Engine at sunset.  Unfortunately, an Alones attacks.

The hikkikomori that is very much adept at machines and technology; like we haven’t seen this before in anime.  I’m surprised they didn’t give her glasses.  I’ve noticed that in these past 4 episodes, Vividred Operation seems to be VERY shallow.  It really does seem that so long as Akane, the primary Vivid, becomes friends with someone, they too can obtain a key.  There just seems to be no precedent to become a Vivid beyond that.

I’m going to assume, since they make no mention of it otherwise, that this flashback is the reason why Himawari stopped going to school.  I can also see why that “friend” got bullied.  She’s a lying POS that would betray her only friend.  Overall, the situation felt really oversimplified by emphasizing the “promise” her old friend made, then quickly breaking it without any more backstory to the situation.  The writers are giving us “just enough” details to be in the loop.

Thankfully, Himawari is the last of the Vivids to be revealed.  So we can actually start getting down to the story bits of Vividred Operation.  Unless, of course, Akane just starts making friends with the entire school and suddenly KEYS GALORE!  But anyways, VividYellow’s design is very appealing, reminding me of the Tomoe Mami (Puella Magi Madoka Magica).  In fact, the entirety of VividYellow’s battle was probably the only redeeming part of this episode.

I think I remember reading somewhere that this show is only 12-episodes.  If so, I hope it stays that way because so far I am only impressed by the VividSystem.  Besides, the Science/Magic System of Nanoha is still superior.

Rating: 2.5/5

(Only obtains an extra .5 due to how awesome VividYellow’s Final Operation is.)



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