Anime Review: Tamako Market – 4

Aah~ The springtime of youth! Festivals, mochi, and young love.


RECAP: A festival is just around the corner for the Bunny Mountain shopping district and everyone is hyped and rearing to work hard for the day of celebration. Well, not everyone. Anko tries to get out of festival preparations to go on a museum trip with her friends and the boy she likes.

Finally, an Anko-focused episode!  It was a nice touch to add this small flashback right before the Opening.  Up until now, we’ve never really seen anything related to the mother of the Kitashirakawa family since Tamako talked to Dera about her in episode 1.  This heartwarming scene also acts as a really good set up for telling us how much this specific festival means to Anko.  Of course, when your mother passes away at such a young age, Anko has no choice but to greatly cherish the moments she remembers.  However, after seeing this, I have a slight feeling that by the end of the series we may encounter something very dramatic (maybe even tear-inducing) in the form of another flashback.

Anko’s efforts to ditch her festival duties for the museum trip were spot on.  By that, I mean that her actions are completely how a child her age acts.  I remember the nagging I gave my parents when I didn’t get to do things I wanted.  I also remember watching my younger sisters act the same way Anko did.  But, unlike us, she had awesome grandpa there to back her up and come up with a balanced trade-off.  Grandpa needs more screen time to show off how wise he is.

I totally wasn’t expecting the E=MC–shirt wearing nerd to be the boy Anko likes.  Kind of glad, considering the other dark-haired kid looked like he was the type to be mischievous, flipping skirts and such.  I do think that she overreacted a bit by running away and hiding in her closet.  Then again, love works in mysterious ways.

And jeez, why is Tamako so dense?

GO Rating: 3.5/5



A Golden Dera is fine, too.

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