Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project – 4

Dreams can come true only if you put up the effort to do so.  Does Hanayo have what it takes to be a School Idol?


RECAP:  This week’s episode focuses a lot more on Koizumi Hanayo, the shy, quiet girl that has always wanted to become an Idol.  As she battles her indecision to join μ’s, she confides in her best friend, Hoshizora Rin, and classmate, Nishikino Maki.  In the end, all three girls join μ’s.

Rin, being the over-active best friend she is, has been haggling Hanayo to decide what club to join.  She’s just doing the bestie thing and watching out for her friend, and she knows how much Hanayo has wanted to be an Idol since childhood.  In Maki’s case, Rin has a point that a third-party has no right to interfere with Hanayo decision to join μ’s.  However, Maki’s musical prowess can scout talent where it’s at.  Hanayo has a definite clear voice, but her social inability holds her back.   I usually am not too fond of the indecisive girls like Hanayo, but that is usually because they remain indecisive throughout their respective series.  Joining μ’s will surely boost her confidence.

We also got a little bit of action with Eri and Nozomi.  I was wondering why Eri was in the A/V room last episode.  I thought she was just watching the girls’ performance in hiding.  But to think that she intentionally recorded the μ’s show for the sole purpose of putting it up on the Idol YouTubes.  The School Principal doesn’t seem to be willing to allow the Student Council to do anything to try and save the school.  Sometime in the next 2-3 episodes, we can likely expect both Eri and Nozomi to ditch their Student Council duties so that they may be able to join μ’s in their cause.

The next person likely slated to become befriended is Yazawa Niko, the black-haired, twintail third-year that we have been catching every now and then.  She’s obviously into the whole Idol biz, but why does she take it so seriously but not even try to become an Idol herself?  “10 years too early to become Idols.”  Say what, girl?  If you think you know so much, show μ’s how it’s done.  I guess we’ll find out her reasons in the next episode or two.

GO Rating: 4/5


Why does Kotori love llamas?


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  1. Best show this anime season. *^*

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