Anime Review: AKB0048 Next Stage – 4

The General Elections finally come to a close. Did your favorite 00-member win?


RECAP: This week’s entire episode is devoted to counting down the list of the winners for the General Elections.  We also find out what it is that Chieri confronted Tsubasa about prior to the event.  The episode ends with newly resolved convictions, from all of our girls, to become better Idols than before.

So that you don’t have to go back and look, here’s the list of winners for the AKB0048 New Single General Elections:

10th – Kishida Mimori (understudy) 148,945 votes
9th – Miyazawa Sae the 10th (successor) 232,554 votes
8th – Itano Tomomi the 11th (successor) 461,882 votes
7th – Kojima Haruna the 8th (successor) 480,835 votes
6th – Sono Chieri (understudy) 558,623 votes
5th – Watanabe Mayu Mk3 (successor) 623,840 votes
4th – Kashiwagi Yuki the 6th (successor) 635,997 votes
3rd – Akimoto Sayaka the 10th (successor) 872,659 votes
2nd – Takahashi Minami the 5th (successor) 1,184,848 votes
1st – Ooshima Yuuko the 9th (successor) 1,326,745 votes

Oddly enough, this week’s episode felt more like it ran about 10 minutes long.  It was like announcing the finalists for American Idol without having to go through all the needless performances and commercials that bulk up the program.  Needless to say, this week’s episode acted as a benchmark of inspiration for all members of 0048, especially the Understudies.

For most of the Understudies, the mere idea of utilizing the Senbatsu stage to reciprocate their feelings to their fans is a wondrous thing.  For Chieri, this realization was something that completely changed her way of defending her pride as an Idol.  I just hope this doesn’t bite her back later when she continues to get shadowed support from her father.

We’ve always known Nagisa was the “cooperative” type.  Her mother even says so herself this episode saying, “…she’s always preferred cooperation to competition.”  The Idol’s path of life isn’t an easy one.  We’ve seen this with the glass stairwell in the first episode.

The General Elections truly is the turning point for AKB0048 as our main character, Nagisa, who has for the most part been very mopey and self-depricating, now has a real goal in mind beyond merely being a member of 0048.  The idea of being able to catch up to her dear friend, Chieri, and returning the love and devotion back to AKB fans is what means to her the most right now.  Here’s to hoping that rivalries will be set ablaze for the forthcoming episodes.

GO Rating: 4/5



We, like, REALLY need episodes focusing on the rest of the Understudies already.

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