Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 4

Behold the power of Corn!

RECAP: Maou meets with the representatives of the Alliance to further her grand plan towards peace.  After light confliction, the Alliance reps accept Maou’s proposition to introduce Corn into the market, but it will take some time.  It has also been quite a long time since Yuusha has come home, leaving only letters that he comes home in secret to write.  Meanwhile, in the farther lands, an incoming large-scale battle is being questioned.

Yet another slow episode that actually progresses a number of plot elements.  I was actually quite worried that the Alliance guys would not accept what Maou stands to gain from the deal.  It has been established already that the War is assisting the overall economy of the Southern lands.  And that self-flourishing would only be counter-productive when that effort could be better spent on funding the War.  Understandably so, the Alliance guys accepted, taking Maou’s passion for her ideal as an interesting path to gain more money on their end.

Despite how much I love the progression of everything on Maou’s side of the story, I find the small bits of information on the world itself to be just as interesting.  We already know about the war between Humanity and Demons, but haven’t seen any real battles… yet.  So when this week’s episode mentioned the forthcoming of a battle consisting of 70,000 men and hundreds of ships intent on attacking a Demon-controlled island, I am ecstatic to see how the outcome will affect the world’s economy (thereby affecting Maou’s plans as well).

But let us return to the home front.  It is definitely true the Yuusha could use his teleportation ability to return home any time.  So why does he avoid Maou?  Hopefully, Medio-chou’s advice will help Yuusha understand that just by simply being there Maou is able to summon the strength she needs for… well, everything.  I definitely do feel for Yuusha though.  When all you know is how to fight and you are never in a situation where you have to, it is easy to feel rather useless.  I just hope he realizes a better plan soon so that he cannot be as much a retard male lead as he’s seemingly panning out to be.

Rating: 3/5

Meido-chou is watching you!


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