Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 3

VividGreen Operation Start!

RECAP: Since the school was destroyed, the girls have now transferred to another school.  On the way, Akane is caught in Vivid form by another student, Saegusa Wakaba, at the beach.  Wakaba is hell-bent on challenging Akane after being “defeated.”  After she finally gets her wish, an Alones attacks.

Yay! We get to meet the new girl, Saegusa Wakaba, right away!  Wait, this might be going too fast.  Like “let’s find the other Sailor Scouts” kind of fast.  From the Opening sequence, yes, we already knew about VividGreen and her identity.  However, the way this episode spends no time to truly build up the friendship between Akane and Wakaba is ridiculous.  It was already established in episode 2 that the bonds of friendship is what creates a key.  This episode just verifies that ANYONE could become a Vivid if Grandpa adjusts some settings on the system.

Despite some hiccups in staying on model, there was quite a bit of good animation throughout this episode.  Especially, during this fight scene between Akane and Wakaba.  When Akane picked up that conveniently placed, sword-length wooden stick, I got Star Driver vibes.  Despite being a short one, it was nicely animated for the first half.  The montage-like second half, however, was pretty dumb and cliché.

So what happened to Aoi in the fight against the Alones?  She failed her one and only attack of the episode and pretty much never showed up in the fight again.  Just because we’re introducing a new Magical Girl into the team does not mean we should disregard the one that was just properly introduced last episode.

Story-wise, this show is plummeting pretty hard on my radar.  But, my magical girl action senses are tingling enough to warrant me watching more.

Rating: 3/5

VividGreen Docking form looks pretty boss.

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  1. Green is the best one so far, which says a lot because red is my favorite color. Wakaba <3.

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