Anime Review: Tamako Market – 3

Our favorite flamboyant bird has fallen in love.  And I can’t blame him because I think I have too!

RECAP:  This week’s episode focuses on the quiet and shy Asagiri Shiori.  With a new semester and class changes, Midori is separated into Class-B from Tamako and Kanna (who’re in Class-A).  Shiori, now in Class-A, is still too shy to interact with the rest of the girls.  Luckily, Dera’s constant attempts to appeal to his “love-at-first-sight” enable Shiori to have a chance to become friends with Tamako.

Spring at last!  And with that, there are new class assignments for students for the semester.  It’s really sad that Midori is in another class.  Just when the yuri vibes were stringing along, she is forced away from her beloved Tamako.  On another note, Mochizou seems forever sad.  It makes me wonder if he will ever confess at all.

Meanwhile, Dera’s actions this episode is greatly amusing, but creepy at the same time.  His efforts to gain Shiori’s interest fall as flat as his flight attempts.  Anyway, it was funny to see all the facial reactions from Dera.  Who would’ve thought a bird could make so many weird facial expressions.

In the past two episodes, we’ve only slightly met with Asagiri Shiori.  On each occasion, she immediately looked away in a cold manner.  However, the Opening sequence obviously tells us otherwise, and that it was only a matter of time.  Considering we already got a lot of screen time from the rest of the cast, this episode practically follows Shiori everywhere.  Is that a bad thing?  Not really, because it is important to really show us how frustrated she is to be unable to express herself.   It felt so… right, when she was finally able to be direct with Tamako.  I hope there will be more of Shiori interacting with the rest of the girls.

Aside from the great new budding friendship between Shiori and Tamako, I realized the one thing that Kyoto Animation does often in their series that I absolutely love: Soft Filter Focus.  I added another image right below as an example.  Notice how much of the focus around Tamako’s face is very crisp and sharp while everything else is a bit blurry?  Completely intentional, this is a neat camera trick used in film and photos.  In film, you can even go so far as to transition the focus between something in the foreground and background (see the beginning of the coffee cup scene in this episode).  There is just something about this trick done in anime that really make it feel like a quality film.

GO Rating: 4.5/5


No peeking, Dera!

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