Manga Monday Ch.11 – Rappi Rangai (Ninja Girls)

It’s Manga Monday.  A weekly post highlighting a different series.  I’ll mostly do posts on completed or ongoing series that are regularly updated.  While I do not condone scanlations, please support the creator and licensing companies by purchasing the work where available.

This week’s manga is – Rappi Rangai (also known as Ninja Girls)

Summary (

This story takes place during the civil war in Japan. There is a mysterious boy with a short horn on his forehead. His life turns upside down after he saves wanted female ninja, who then tells him that she is his servant and he an emperor. Soon a few more girls appear in his life and the adventure begins. What will happen to him and what kind of weird and wonderful stories lie in front of the small group is for you to find out.

Hako’s Thoughts:

One of few manga I like that take place during the Warring States era of Japan, Rappi Rangai can easily be mistaken as just another fan-service series.  While the level of ladies in revealing outfits is high, the objective of the main character, Raizou, and his ninja bodyguards is more than enough to balance things out.  To revive his long lost clan, Raizou is forced find a princess to marry, or forever he would be shunned in society as a leper due to that horn on his head.  Raizou, beyond belief, actually takes this role seriously.  Most other main character archtypes would be too dumb or lustful to remember what the true objective is.  Additionally, he is kind-hearted enough to always consider the feelings of everyone else before his own.  We need more main characters like this kid.

Rappi Rangai can be found at your nearest book retailer or online, licensed under Kodansha Comics USA as Ninja Girls.

 photo 005_11_12_2011_12_50_46_zpsdc148e3e.jpg photo 007_11_12_2011_12_50_46_zps9a477f4c.jpg photo 008_11_12_2011_12_50_46_zps06588b43.jpg photo 009_11_12_2011_12_50_46_zpsed4ae7a5.jpg photo 010_11_12_2011_12_50_46_zpsfbe3fe60.jpg photo 011_11_12_2011_12_50_46_zpsc4863c90.jpg photo 012_11_12_2011_12_50_46_zps87ef2b27.jpg photo 013_11_12_2011_12_50_46_zpsa30ab9be.jpg


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