Anime Review: AKB0048 Next Stage – 3

This episode had one of my favorite AKB48 songs, Beginner.  In that sense, how will the understudies against their senpai for the Elections?

RECAP:  Chieri isn’t exactly happy about her 9th place ranking.  Feeling uneasy about her sudden popularity, she confronts her family butler who holds a message of “support” from her father.  Meanwhile, the rest of the understudies also continue their own battle with their feelings about the General Elections and how they rank against their ever-popular mentors, the Successors.

It’s almost time for the official General Elections.  Thankfully, the events leading up to this have been rushed.  This series relies a lot on the inter-member drama, but the competition for the rankings would make extra in-between episodes heartrendingly annoying.  Besides, drawing out Nagisa’s inferiority complex and Chieri’s uneasiness with her popularity would be redundant.  I think we get the idea.

After finding out about her unofficial commercial, Chieri investigates the source and she is definitely not off the mark.  Since the first episode, I was kind of expecting Chieri’s father to have a much larger role, and something closer to the heart of AKB0048, but alas I may be entirely wrong.  It is one thing for a father to support her daughter, but to use her as a marketing tool without her consent is inexcusable.  I can empathize with Chieri on this one; she has every right to be unhappy.  I just worry for how this revelation will affect her friends.

Lastly, we’re left with the awfully effective cliffhanger with fellow understudy, Kishida Mimori, announced as rank 10 in the Elections.  I wonder if what Chieri spoke with Tsubasa-san about earlier will effect on the Elections.  And that off-side remark that a random fan said: “Who do you think is higher, Chieri or Nagisa?”  Unprecedented upset of Nagisa gaining a high rank?  You never know where your fans may lie.  We’ll just have to wait for next week’s episode to find out.

GO Rating: 4/5


On a side note, I am glad Sonata is mildly popular.  She is too cute.


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