AniplexUSA Live Panel Announces Springtime News

Last night, Friday, Aniplex USA held a livestream panel on Youtube with some announcements and 3 Madoka Magica Figmas as prizes.

I noticed that I have been slacking on the “News” end lately so here is an article to bring up a couple bits of news for those of us in the States.

Aniplex USA’s live panel last night on Youtube held some announcements and updates on several of their licenses.  This included trailers highlighting the streaming of currently running shows of the season: Blast of TempestMagi, OreShura and Vividred Operation.

Additionally, news of DVD/BD releases were also announced:

  • Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners DVD set
  • Durarara!! full-series BD Lunchbox Collectors Edition set
  • Oreimo BD full set including the 12-episodes + 4 OVAs and commentary
  • Bakemonogatari Limited Edition BD set
  • Nisemonogatari Limited Edition BD set

Check out for the latest info in regards to pre-order and release dates of these titles.

Also, as a last bit of big news, they announced that they will bring a special guest to Seattle’s Sakura-con: Kawahara Reki, author of the highly-acclaimed Sword Art Online.  But that is not all, AniplexUSA plans to slowly reveal more SAO-related special guests for the convention in the coming weeks.

[Sources: AnimeNewsNetwork, Aniplex USA]

To be quite honest, I’d really love to buy a bunch of these series on Blu-ray.  But shelling out $150 per series/season is pretty ridiculous, especially if the show is only 12-episodes long.  It’s probably worse than the insane $60 per new video game when the games are often not even that good.

In regards to Kawahara Reki being at Sakura-con, I really wish I could be there to criticize his horrible writing.  Or at least be there to see someone else call him out on it.

Oh, and if you might be wondering about those Madoka Figmas, I didn’t win one. /sadface


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