Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 3

With potatoes we’ll end the war… on famine!

RECAP:  With the experimental farming plans a success in the lone Winter country village, Maou and Yuusha travel to a well-known convent to seek the aid of the Church to help spread the knowledge and teachings of the next step in agricultural science.

Another episode that lightly brushes upon my inner scientist.  The experimental farming plans were a big success, allowing everyone in the run-down village to lift up their spirits, worrying less about hunger.  I definitely was not expecting the “secret weapon” to be potatoes.  But hey, when you’re trying to change the world’s food resource system, what a better way than to introduce new produce.

Travelling to the Lake Country to meet with the Church, we finally reunite with Onna-kishi (Female Knight).  You might remember from episode 1 that she is one of the people most worried about Yuusha.  Alas, her response to finally seeing him again is not without the usual tsundere appeal.  Can’t even begin to believe how she will react when she realizes that Maou and Yuusha are essentially married.  This event also gave pretty good insight for the fate of Yuusha’s other traveling companions as well.

With the introduction of the Lake Country and the other surrounding regions, we are also similarly introduced to the “Alliance,” an economic powerhouse in the Soutern countries.  With the Compass involved, I definitely have a feeling that Maou will have the Alliance eating out of her hand in the near future.  Of course, that completely depends on how much of a hard time and how greedy these bastard merchants are.

Six months have passed and you’ve only gone so far as a kiss on the forehead?! WTF?!


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2 responses to “Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 3

  1. POTATO POWER! (This is an awesome anime, BTW).

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