Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 2

Humanity is under attack and our only defense lies with two middle-school girls! Ignition Start!

RECAP:  Akane and Aoi transform into Vivid Red and Vivid Blue to fight the creature attacking their home and the Manifestor Engine.  They knock it down once, but an unknown factor revives the Alones stronger than before.  The girls must perform a successful Docking to obtain victory.

So Vividred Operation just went full Kamen Rider on me, didn’t it?  I was kind of expecting the whole “docking” thing to be some kind of “call the Zords and combine.”  But this whole friendship-powered, memory-sharing VIVID POWER COMBO took me completely by surprise.  I’m sure as hell glad that even the Vivid Blue transformation sequence is animated just as amazing as the initial transformations.  The entire docking system reminds me of Kamen Rider Den-O’s Imagin Possession system and how the user changes with each “color.”  I already can’t wait for Vivid Green and Vivid Yellow.

From the looks of it, this mysterious, black-haired girl with a black-winged bow gives off the vibe of not-the-villain.  The story will likely pan out that she is either a misguided victim seeking justice/vengeance, or she is closely related to the cause of the emergence of the wannabe-Neuroi, the Alones.  Seeing as how Dr.Isshiki’s Vivd System feeds off the girls’ Friendship Power, I foresee that this girl will be befriended Nanoha-style with a Vivid Color Combination of some sort.  Just in time to for the fight against the final boss.

It has only been two episodes and I am already stoked about how amazing this series could be as the weeks roll on.  It looks like we’re in for two more friends and training episodes.  My only hope now is that the studio chooses not to put too many of the gratuitous panty and butt shots to degrade the value of the series.  Vivdred Operation has a good thing going for it.  Like I mentioned before, it is already catering to a number of fans by mixing up aspects of Lyrical Nanoha, Strike Witches, Super Sentai, and now even Kamen Rider.

Breast ventilation coolant system. LOL!



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3 responses to “Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 2

  1. My conclusion after watching this episode: loli + loli = legal. :O

  2. Joking aside, this anime has some cool stuff to it, but it does have a lot of butt shots and whatnot.

    • Well, with the same director as Strike Witches, it is bound to be quite similar. Like I said, I just hope it gets treated like that is all the series has going for it. Funimation’s Strike Witches ad campaign was horrible. Aniplex seems like they’ll do a better job.

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