Anime Review: Tamako Market – 2

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Got someone you’re gonna give chocolate to?

RECAP:  Fast forward a month, it’s already the season for Valentine’s Day.  Tamako realizes that her beloved shopping neighborhood isn’t festive enough and marches a campaign to get everyone in the love-dovey spirit.  How? V-day themed products and a TV commercial, of course!

This week’s episode still leaves us in the dark about this Prince ordeal with Dera.  However, none of that matters right now because we’re going to learn a bit about all our side characters!  Last week, we caught a glimpse of how varied the other shop owners and Tamako’s friends act every day.  But this time, we get to see a little more personality and learn about the little things that are quite common with small communities, like shopping districts.  Midori, as the granddaughter of the toy shop owner, can tell a lot about the history behind her and Tamako’s friendship.  Tamako and Mochizo communicate via Dixie cup-string phone instead of their cell phones.  It’s also quite adorable that the timid Tofu shop guy is in love with the beautiful, glasses-wearing daughter of the bathhouse owner.

“Anyone can love anyone they want.” This seemed to be big underlying theme behind this Valentine episode.  Where other shows set up an episode where we make a big deal out of the girl making that chocolate for the useless main character they like, Tamako Markettakes a different direction by showing love and dedication to more than a possible significant other.  The band of shop owners easily agreeing to work together on Tamako’s suggestion shows how much they love their community.  It seems especially so for Tamako, considering she doesn’t even care about giving someone chocolate.

It also seems noticeable that Midori just might harbor romantic feelings towards Tamako and isn’t sure if these feelings are love.  The explanation of Midori receiving chocolate from both girls and boys is enough to tell that she may be the tomboyish, but noticeably feminine type of girl.  (In Japan, Valentine chocolates are primarily given from girls to boys.)  A number of times in this episode, you’ll also notice Midori glancing and staring at Tamako.  Better yet, she flinches when Tamako touches her hair.  Either way, this show just went up in my rankings for yuri undertones.

GO Rating: 4/5



My god! Tamako is so much cuter with glasses and her hair down!

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