Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 2

Things get real as Yuusha and Maou begin their journey.

Recap:  Yuusha and Maou begin their long journey in a small, run-of-the-mill village.  They hope to gain the village’s favor by aiding them in their agriculture and teaching them better ways to cultivate their crops.  Suddenly, intruders on the premises are revealed to be runaway serfs.

(Note: I’ll just be referring to all of the characters by their Romanized names from now on.  Seeing as how none of the characters have actual names, I’ll stick with this way of naming rather than direct name translations.)

Did I say things get real?  Yeah, they get real… real slow.  Bad thing? Not so much.  The series gives off the aura of action, but as explained in the first episode there is more to obtaining a peaceful coexistence than stopping the violence of war.  We are introduced to the stereotypical can-do-everything, strict Meido-chou (Head Maid).  Luckily, she seems to be the overly competent type of maid; rather than the competent, yet clumsy type with large breasts.

Anyways, I never really gave much thought to the way farmers keep their soil rich until seeing this episode.  Maou explains so well the process of changing the crops in each plot of land every season, and how it is beneficial to do so.

The romantic relationship between Maou and Yuusha is really nice.  They’re so reserved, yet bold at times, especially during the fireplace scene.  Sadly, that scene is cut short when a disruption in the stables calls for their attention.  I’m actually pretty glad with the steady pace of adding in these side characters is going.  The compassionate addition of Meido Ane (Big Sister Maid) and Meido Imouto (Little Sister Maid) to the cast what this series needs to really push the aspect of the kindness Maou has towards all people: demons and humans.  And that will really sell the idea of her wish for true peace.

$$$ Money! Money! Money! $$$

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