Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project – 2

Becoming a School Idol isn’t all fun and games when you don’t even know how to begin.

RECAP:  Honoka, Kotori, and Umi get serious about this whole Idol thing by planning a Live concert on New Student Orientation day.  With only a month to prepare, the girls don’t even have a song, dance or a group name.

The girls are starting to get more into this, and faster than I had anticipated.  Also, while we already knew certain characters would end up as members from the Opening, we are slowly being introduced to the other characters by watching them become interested in the School Idol Project as any other student would.  And, to my surprise, the quality of the art style and animation has not changed.  I mean, aside from the ( : 3 ) faces for some shots, there is an amazing amount of character details (blushes, shine, skin coloring) for probably 70% of the episode.

μ’s (pronounced muse) is almost a ridiculously cliché name to go with for an Idol group name.  In this case, though, I love it.  A muse is a Greek goddess of inspiration, and for the Idol group to essentially inspire new students to come to Otonokizaka Academy for the sake of saving the school for shutting down, I’m all for this name scheme.  And here I thought that the plan of “Name Our Group” would garner trolling lulz.

I don’t get what the deal is with this Nishikino Maki girl.  Obviously, she is quite adamant about not wanting to help.  But being too public shy to compose the music?  There must be something more to her.  She has a great singing voice, though.  I don’t know how many episodes this is estimated to be, but they sure as hell are going at an easy pace for their group member number.  Maybe, after the concert, they will garner the popularity they need to gather the other girls.

GO Rating: 4/5


Can you do push-ups and smile at the same time?

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