Anime Review: [First Impression] Vividred Operation – 1

Turn the key on a new anime-original adventure.

In just the first episode this show has got me thinking this is some amazing mix of Strike Witches, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and Super Sentai.  I like the idea of a magical girl series that isn’t directly aimed at young girls.  Much like how Star Driver changed my view on the possibility of guys being able to have fabulous transformation sequences, Vividred Operation gives me the feeling that it will be a more mature-end series involving transforming heroes.

While we have a nice, relaxing breakfast, there seems to be something big going on in the ocean.  Whatever it is, this giant machine is heading for the Manifestor Engine, conveniently placed in Sagami Bay, Japan.  Pretty sure a worldwide energy resource cultivator wouldn’t be placed there, but hey, its anime.  And, in anime, everything always happens in Japan for some reason.

Oh great, grandpa is now a stuffed ferret doll.  Well, got to have a plushie mascot if this is a magical girl show.  Also, I love how the key kind of reminds me of the keys used for Gekisou Sentai Carranger/Power Rangers Turbo.  From promotional art of Vividred Operation, it seems we will definitely be getting more girls donning the same outfit as Akane, only with differing color schemes.  Vividred looks to be one of my favorites for this season.  Let’s just hope they don’t botch the story with needless teen angst.

Too much mayo on that rice Akane!


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