Anime Review: AKB0048 Next Stage – 2

The General Elections have started! Where will our girls rank?

RECAP: Since the trial incident, Chieri has been gaining tons of popularity.  Meanwhile, the rest of the understudies worry about their own placements among the member rankings.  To boost their popularity, they begin their time in the intergalactic television spotlight.

Less music this episode, but tons of fun references to actual AKB48 TV spots,  including Funny Face Standoffs and Dodge ball.  It’s fun to watch the girls all exert their personalities as they face their first times being on TV through talk and variety shows.  Any AKB fan will easily notice that these TV spots are a direct reference to AKBingo, the AKB48-focused variety show filled with comedy and in-depth stuff for fans to get to know more about their beloved AKB members.  In this case, there is no difference.  Let’s just hope these TV gigs will help boost the popularity of the understudies so they can have a possible fighting chance against the regular members in the General Elections.

In their time of low self-esteem, Chieri and Nagisa are directed to look at a video of the late Atsuko Maeda during the last General Elections.  Seemingly, this video full of Kirara sparkles and an aspiring young Yuuko-san, the girls gain a bit of the confidence they need to continue down their paths to stardom.  I kind of wish they didn’t always focus on the friendship and rivalry of Chieri and Nagisa all the time.  They both keep ping-ponging an inferiority complex towards each other, back and forth.  While they are our primary characters, there are still other girls!

After a song performance, it is revealed that Chieri has obtained a single-digit ranking just outside the “God-8,” the top 8 most popular members, in the early poll results.  But what of the other girls?  How will they take it?  Are they even ranked at all?  C’mon Nagisa, step up your game!  Jeez, it’s like Sheryl versus Ranka all over again.

GO Rating: 3.5/5

If you don’t watch, there will be a Punishment game!

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