Anime Review: [First Impression] Tamako Market – 1

A happy-go-lucky 16-year-old girl, her mochi-making family, and… a talking bird?!


Tamako Market is the latest anime from Kyoto Animation (ChuunibyouHyoukaK-ON!).  For years now, KyoAni has always amazed me with how well they can animate and keep their characters on-model, creating a distinct style for the studio.  Tamako Market is no exception to this.  The first episode starts off like many KyoAni shows do with a walk home from school, exposing us to the environment we will be delving ourselves into.  Young Tamako finds a strange bird named Deru Mochimazzi (surname pronounced as ‘mochi mazui’ lit. ‘bad tasting mochi’) that strangely is able to talk.  The rest is pretty much all about how they co-exist together as this bird is apparently on some mission to find a “bride for his prince master.”

Net folks have already started to hail Tamako Market as the next K-ON!  After all, cute girls doing cute things are what are in these days with anime, right? I can’t blame them.  In the first episode, this series has already captured my heart with lighthearted comedy with a variety of characters just acting like friendly, normal people.  So far, with one episode, the actual plot has not sunk in too deep.  I have a feeling that the underlying plot will creep up on us slowly while we are having fun watching everything else going on.

The one thing among KyoAni’s animation traditions that has been off-putting lately have been the fact that many of the character designs of their series have started to all look alike.  However, Tamako Market changes that gripe of mine completely with their cast of the friendly neighborhood shop owners as side characters.  This especially includes thefemale flower shop owner voiced by the male Ono Daisuke.  The wide range of differing designs, while retaining some familiar character personality types, will hopefully mean that Tamako’s interactions with each of them will be significant enough to really pull the audience into really feeling like they too have been living in that shopping district since childhood.

GO Rating: 4.5/5


Continue to watch? – Yes.
Continue to review? – Yes.

I could really go for some mochi now, after watching this.


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