Anime Review: [First Impression] Love Live! School Idol Project – 1

What is the best way to prevent your beloved school from shutting down? Become School Idols, of course!

Love Live! is based on a multimedia project between Dengeki G’s Magazine and the music label, Lantis.  Meanwhile, the animation studio, Sunrise, animates music videos for the fictitious Idol group (they are also in charge of this anime series).  An amazing combination to combine fictional characters with J-pop music, much akin to the likes of Hatsune Miku’s fame of being a “Virtual Idol.”  The base premise of this anime series follows Kosaka Honoka as she finds out that her beloved school will be shutting down.  In the wake of her devastation, she finds out that her mother is an alumnus to said school.  This fact combined, with her own feelings, prompt her to find a way to save the school from closing.  After some events, the idea of becoming a School Idol is her grand plan to save the school she, her mother, and her friends, love so much.

The series itself takes a page out of the Idolm@ster book in that it utilizes well-choreographed, motion-captured 3DCG animation.  Nothing out of the normal here when shows like Idolm@sterPreCure, and AKB0048, all pull off the same idea very well.  I have a great soft spot for these Idol shows because they always emphasize the meaning of hard work to achieve one’s dreams.  Being an Idol is no joke when you got to learn song and dance to perfection.  I find it very interesting, yet odd, that this series has been set to air within the same season as the much-anticipated AKB0048 Next Stage, another Idol-themed anime.

Last year, around Valentine’s Day, I caught the special PV from the Love Live! project.  It was immediate that I had fallen in love with these girls.  I think the fact that they each look more normal than a variety of obvious character types, like Idolm@ster, is what made Love Live! so much more appealing to me.  With the advent of this anime series, I’m sure theLove Live! multimedia project itself will garner a ton more fans to enjoy the characters and the great music.  If you enjoyed any of the other series I have previously mentioned, Love Live! seems to be a definite watch.

GO Rating: 3.5/5


Continue to watch? – Yes
Continue to review? – Yes


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