Tuesday Terminology: Event Flags – Friendship

Tuesday Terminology is a weekly segment to enlighten the masses with words, phrases, and ideals usually tacked on to today’s anime/manga scene.

This week’s topic: Event Flags – Friendship


As a multi-part Terminology post, today I’ll go over Friendship Flags.  As a base fact, Event Flags are events that happen to characters (even us) that are likely to trigger future events that will lead down a certain path.  The choices main characters make will influence whether they will continue along a certain relationship type.  Confused? Don’t worry, the examples will help explain.

Persona 4 fans will remember this scene.  Yousuke is trapped in the trash can.  If there was actually a choice, Yuu would have two choices: “Help him” or “Keep walking.”  Of course, for the sake of the game, the scene automatically chooses to help him.  This event and choice activate the path of friendship.  What if Yuu didn’t help Yousuke out of the trash can?  There goes your partner and bro for the rest of the game.

Take the classroom setting, for example.  You’re new to school, whether you’re freshman or a transfer student, you are likely to run into some interesting characters.  Eccentric ones.  Quiet ones.  Beautiful girls.  Handsome guys.  You’ll spark conversation with someone.  That event itself will dictate whether you will continue a friendship with that person.

In anime, you’ll likely notice a lot of cliche scenes that usually end a certain way.  Next time you watch the beginning of a show, try and notice some of these things.

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