Anime Review: [First Impression] OreShura – 1

When all you want to do is study for med school, there will always be various girls to distract you.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru (My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Fight Too Much), or OreShura, is another addition to the list of light novels with an absurdly long name adapted into an anime.  The basic premise is all in the title: The main character is stuck in a love triangle between his current girlfriend and childhood friend.  Sounds cliché enough? It gets better.

Kidou Eita is not your everyday high school student.  His primary goal in life is to get into a good medical school through hard work and a scholarship, nothing else matters to him.  Harusaki Chiwa is Eita’s cute childhood friend, and like most female osananajimi, is obviously in love and cannot see a life without Eita in it.  It is not hard to see in this first episode that Eita treats her more like a little sister.  In most Love-Polygon series, theosananajimi character type usually gets the bad end of the stick, so a part of me hopes this one may be different.

Finally, there is Natsukawa Masuzu, the silver-haired, blue-eyed beauty that everyone in school is head-over-heels for.  Guys want to date her. Girls want to be like her.  Simple as that.  But, of course, her interest will fall on our boy, Eita.  It turns out they are really a lot alike in the idea that they are not interested in love at all, but she wants to use him to keep all the other boys at bay.  That actually seems pretty expected for a romance-comedy of this caliber.

Surprisingly, I am unable to predict this show.  Will the childhood friend triumph with willpower and determination?  Or will the love-detesting beauty learn to love with Eita?  If anything, that curiosity alone will keep me watching this show.  Also, the Opening depicts two other girls possibly vying for Eita’s affection!

GO Rating: 3/5


Continue to watch? – Yes
Continue to review? – No


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