Anime Review: [First Impression] Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 01

Here’s the first pilot episode review for the season from Hako Toshokan!  Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is the newest in anime adaptations of light novel series for the Winter season.  To easily summarize the overall series, it is the story of a Hero and Demon King looking to find a proper resolution to the long-running war between Humans and Demons.

Recap: In the midst of a long-running war between Humans and Demons, a Hero casts off his party members to fight the Demon King alone.  This confrontation, however, reveals to him that the Demon King is actually a beautiful, busty woman.  Despite his eagerness to slay the Demon King, his nervousness with women and the Demon King’s personality leave him unable to do his job.  The Demon King then educates the Hero in an attempt to help her create a world without war.

This first episode starts off with some great visuals.  In fact, the background visuals for every scene is beautiful.  The painterly horizons depict how real this world is for the characters and the war they are entwined in.  I certainly hope they keep this quality going throughout the series.  However, the studio has miraculously decided to do something I find rather annoying when it comes to “drawing” background characters.  They decided to place 3D models rendered in 2D to alleviate the hassle of drawing them by hand.  As an animator, I can definitely understand the reason, but its visual effect is very off-putting.

Artistic notes aside, the story peaks my interest.  It takes the entire idea of the classic “Hero vs. the Demon King” and places them vs. Humanity itself.  As the episode goes over, it is easy to believe that everything is all black and white, but any world is not like that.  The reality of the spoils of war is simply and easily explained in a few short minutes, making us understand what and why the rest of the episodes will be quite the adventure.  In doing so, we are subtly introduced to various major side characters that will be important to the story.  I think it is great when directors do this.

The Hero and Demon King are a great pair up.  The Hero’s naivety is not only bound by his view of the world, but in his interactions with women as well.  Hopefully, he isn’t a completely useless a hero in battle.  The Demon King, despite her knowledge of the world’s workings, is also quite pure herself.  She too does not understand how to properly interact with males.  Both are serious about their goals, but are socially inept in certain areas.  My only problem is the size of the Demon King’s breasts and how often the animators “accentuate” them.  These two awkward characters. will certainly bring about pure romantic and pure comedic scenes.


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