Manga Monday Ch.8 – Masamune-kun’s Revenge

It’s Manga Monday.  A weekly post highlighting a different series.  I’ll mostly do posts on completed or ongoing series that are regularly updated.  While I do not condone scanlations, please support the creator and licensing companies by purchasing the work where available.

This week’s manga is – Masamune-kun’s Revenge



This is the story of Manabe Masamune, your everyday normal high school guy just like many other series.  But this guy has an interesting past.  Once rejected years ago by the girl he loved for being “that fat kid,” he decided to muscle up and become thinner through the hard work of eating right and working out.  With this transformed body of his he plans to return to the girl and get her to fall in love with him again.  Sounds pretty legit right?  Here’s the thing, he wants to make her fall in love JUST to reject her in the end.  This is Masamune-kun’s Revenge.

Hako’s Thoughts:

For a new year, here is a new manga.  Only one chapter has been translated so far.  A truly inspiring manga for those who lack self-confidence.  While it is seemingly obvious that this Masamune kid will end up falling in love with the girl again, I am looking forward to how he’ll go about this plan of his.  I’m sure “manning up” was just the main girth of it all and he doesn’t seem bright enough to have thought everything through.  Judging by the main color spread (See above) he will likely end up with a harem that he doesn’t even want.  If that is true, it will become all the more reason this will become an interesting series.  Here’s to hoping for more!



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