Neptunia Dated, Silver Spoon Green-lit, K (anime) and Girls Und Panzer 2nd Season Details

A number of anime news bits this week.

Hyperdimension Neptunia To Air Summer 2013

The anime adaptation of the critically acclaimed Playstation JRPG franchise of the same name was announced some few weeks ago.  It has recently been announced that the anime is planned to air during the Summer season of 2013.

Arakawa Hiromu’s “Silver Spoon” To Receive TV Anime

Arakawa-sensei’s latest work after the huge success of Fullmetal Alchemist, “Silver Spoon,” has been green-lit for a TV anime adaptation.  The manga follows a young man attending an agricultural school.

K (anime) To Have Second Season

Fall 2012 season hit, K (anime), announced after it’s 13th episode that a second season is planned.  No air date has been announced as of yet.

Girls Und Panzer Does Not Have A Second Season Planned

Despite previous rumors, staff from the studio behind Fall 2012 anime, Girls und Panzer, have announced that there are currently no plans for a second season of the series.  Of course, general popularity and sales numbers for the DVD/BDs may change this.




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