Maid Cafe Chain to Branch Out to USA

It was bound to happen eventually.  Japanese Maid Cafe chain Maidreamin has plans to expand to North American shores from their base in Akihabara.  Starting with a place in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles no later than Summer 2013.

There are also plans for possible cafes to open in New York City and Boston.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page to for future details on their progress.  And for all you ladies out there in the LA area, they plan to hold future auditions to work at the cafe!

After the failure of maid cafes in Canada and Detroit, it is hard to think this will fair any better.  However, one thing IS different about this.  The fact that it is part of a chain of maid cafes with an underlying company behind it will keep it from going completely bankrupt within a few months.  So long as they branch out their shops to “appropriate” places, this just might be the closest anyone in the States can hit up a maid cafe without having to go to Japan itself.

[Source: Maidreamin Facebook, ANN]


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