Sword Art Online Author Responds to Haters

“If people think my LN’s terrible, write something more successful”

Oh man this is classic.  Way to break your humbleness, Kawahara.  In a recent J-Cast interview with Sword Art Online light novel author, Kawahara Reki, he spoke of his response to the great fanfare SAO has been receiving.  He also responded harshly (see qu0te above) to those that criticize his popular work as being poor writing in comparison to other light novel works.  But that is such a childish way to respond!

While I can partly agree that he is right, it doesn’t justify the poor writing of SAO.  It barely follows that principles of the “Hero’s Journey.”  But, then again, people are liking it.  I can’t blame them for wanting to watch something entertaining, albeit it’s half-assed story.  Even Richard Eisenbeis of Kotaku even dubs this series as “the smartest anime I’ve seen in years.”

I understand why people seem to like this show.  It has action, easy to understand themes, and it’s animated pretty well.  The perfect formula for “Baby’s First Anime.”  It carries everything that otaku like in this age: big boobs, flat chests, borderline-incest relationships, non-complete-idiot MC, female harem, etc etc.  Kawahara has placed nearly everything the average otaku would like into one book.  It is to be expected that the otaku pandering would make SAO successful.  However, success doesn’t exactly always mean GOOD.  Just look at Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey.

That said, I’ll state now that haven’t gotten around to writing my 2nd-half review of Sword Art Online‘s ALO-arc.  Waiting for it to fully end.

And to put out my opinion of the series overall, the light novel for Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is infinitely better written than SAO.  Even though it also has a broken MC, Tatsuya at least has a reason why he is so overpowered.


[Source: Crunchyroll]



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4 responses to “Sword Art Online Author Responds to Haters

  1. Quizoxy

    I would say that it is a wonderful work, just that it may not really stand out when compared to other deep plot series that have the wow factor everyone will agree to. Personally think that SAO have that brief plot which may not catch attention after a while, and easily be replaced. Still watching the series anyways.

  2. Mike C

    It’s got nothing to do with the idea that it’s a baby’s first anime.

    It’s a gamer’s paradise. End of. Screw the critics.

    • xee

      AHAHAHA. Gamer’s paradise? The hell, A gamer’s paradies would be real games, not an anime that has MMO themes. The hell. SAO can’t even be on par with .hack

      • Kazu

        i though anime was suppose to be entertaining and a hater come and
        complain about the anime being unrealistic and the plot not logic, people its an anime to enjoy. duhh if it not logic most anime are not logic to begin.
        i feel sorry for the hater cant enjoy most anime. to me SAO if i have 3 hand i put 3 of my thumb up but sadly i have 2. a VR world with infinite possibilities. a World that break the wall of logic and impossible.

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