Shounen Jump Theme Park to Open Next Summer

It was bound to happen eventually.  A theme park based solely on Shueisha’s Shounen Jump magazine will begin construction in January, set to open some time in the summer 2013.

Namco Bandai will be the primary sponsor of the theme park, closely working with Shueisha staff to properly represent the popular magazine.  Toei Animation and Studio Pierrot will also be involved with the project.  The venue will be placed on the third floor (~6,168 sq. meters, or 1.52 acres) of the Subshine City World Import Mart Building in Ikebukuro.  Namco Bandai already holds an indoor theme park in the building’s second and third floors, showcasing other affiliated properties.

While the name of the theme park is still under wraps, example floor plans have been released for public viewing (See below).  According to this floor plan, specific exhibit areas will be devoted to three popular Shounen Jump series: Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece. Meanwhile, a specialized area currently labeled as the “Heroes’ Arena” will feature a rotating theme and different characters at regular intervals.  My thoughts are that it will change every few weeks.  Of course, as any theme park would have, there will also be food and dessert areas, amusement area, and toys and goods shops in the venue.

It’d be nice if they keep this around for years to come.  Hell, expand it if it really becomes popular.  If Shokugeki no Souma becomes a really good manga, it’d be great to have food from the manga see real life.  Whether they would make me foodgasm or not is another story.


[Source: ANN,]


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