Manga Monday Ch.5: Molester Man

It’s Manga Monday.  A weekly post highlighting a different series.  I’ll mostly do posts on completed or ongoing series that are regularly updated.  While I do not condone scanlations, please support the creator and licensing companies by purchasing the work where available.

Anyway, this week’s manga is – Molester Man – by: Yoko

Okay, okay, I know.  When you read the headline of today’s manga, you are probably thinking I am some disgusting prick.  But hear me out on this one.  If you are familiar with and like the story of Densha Otoko (Train Man), then you will likely see this piece of work to be quite something.

Molester Man is based on a true story that was posted on the Japanese online message board website, 2ch.  To protect the identities of the parties involved, each character is merely given a nickname.  The story follows Molester Man as he is mistaken for a stalker by Miss Understanding.  The conflict is easily resolved after talking it out.  They somehow establish a friendship of sorts and, from this, they begin to confront their personal challenges of their current lives.

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Molester Man – Ch.1, Pg. 1

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Molester Man – Ch.1, Pg. 2

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Molester Man – Ch.1, Pg. 3

Hako’s Thoughts:

As you’ll see in the linked pages, Molester Man is not exactly a real published work.  It’s a fan-made artist’s rendition of what transpired based on this touching story of a man with no friends except the anonymous ones on the internet.  The artist, YOKO, also worked on another favorite story of mine in similar style, Onani Master Kurosawa (This one isn’t based on a true story… I hope).  Anyway, I was greatly touched by the story of Densha Otoko, so I was amazed to find out that this oddly titled piece was based on a true story of similar origins.  It is interesting to think of people on the internet helping someone get through certain events in their life.  Especially considering the fact that the consensus is that half the time you would likely get trolled and made fun of for asking advice when it comes to relationships and such on the internet.  I’ve read chapters 1-7 of this (all that is out) so far and completely believe this is something that would actually happen in real life.  I am eagerly awaiting future translations to find out how this guy, Molester Man, gets out of his friendless, unexciting lifestyle after a simple misunderstanding of being mistaken for a stalker.

You can find the scanned translations of Molester Man here.

Happy reading!


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