Review: Hidamari Sketch

Today’s review will be on a collective series that spans four 12-episode seasons.

This is is Hidamari Sketch.

Hidamari is currently running on it’s 4th season right now as Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb.

If you ever thought to look for a fun, light-hearted comedy anime series that didn’t rely on sexual endeavors, this is it.  If there really were two words I’d use to describe Hidamari, they’d be: Sunshine and Rainbows.  Because that’s all this series is.  Wholesome girls doing cute and fun things, living their everyday lives.

Based on the 4-koma (panel) comic strip by Aoki Ume, Hidamari Sketch revolves around a small apartment complex (6 total apartments, to be exact) that houses a group of girls that go to the art high school located across the street.  I really sometimes don’t understand why Japan is okay with letting high school kids live alone, as far as anime go.  Anyways, it centers around Yuno, a young girl who has just been accepted into the prestigious art school.  She moves to this apartment building, named Hidamari-sou.  Here she meets the other tenants, Miyako, a classmate, and two upperclassmen, Hiro and Sae.  The rest of the show is just about their daily lives, getting to know and growing up with each other.  The later seasons, after story/time progresses, a new school year starts along with two new 1st year students/tenants, Nazuna and Nori.

Here are a list of Youtube clips from the series:

Hidamari Clip 1 – Japanese Monkies

Hidamari Clip 2 – Bread for Charcoal Drawings

Hidamari Clip 3 – Conversation Dice

Hidamari Clip 4 -Yuno Loses Her Keys

Hidamari Clip 5 – Hiro is Upset

Story: 8/10 (There isn’t much of a story to begin with, just continuity.)

Art/Animation: 8/10

Sound: 8/10

So, should you check this out?

– Pros: Very fun and light-hearted comedy series that will make you fall in love with the characters.

– Cons: Maybe cutesy isn’t your thing. It can become pretty boring if you marathon a couple episodes.

Seeing as this series is based on a 4-panel comic strip, expect a lot of fun gags.  It’s a slow-paced show, so be wary of watching them all at once.  I honestly have no problems with this show at all.  I definitely recommend it to anyone who just wants something on the cute, slice-of-life side that is fun to watch.  You can find all of the first three seasons on Hulu right now.

FYI, the order of the seasons are:  Hidmari Sketch > x365 > xHoshimitsu > xHoneycomb



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