Viz Shounen Jump Alpha Gets Upgrade Jan.21st, Nisekoi

As many of you may already know, Viz Manga’s Weekly Shounen Jump alpha (WSJalpha), the Americanized version of Shuiesha’s manga magazine of the same name, has long since exit the printing press and outfitted themselves to go digital.  Of course, with the rise of scanlations, it is hard to try and combat the needy international otaku market.  This will change very soon.  In the Nov.26 issue of WSJalpha, Viz Manga has announced that this coming January 21st they will begin simultaneous release of what’s new in manga.

What does this mean?  Well, simply put, it means that any new chapter AND series Japan gets, we’ll also get in English.  WSJalpha has already been running the latest chapters of popular series, like the Big 3: Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.  However, I think it’s great that they’re stepping up the game by making it so that the magazine is already online, translated, the same day the magazine hits stores and newsstands in Japan.  Although I will admit that I am a reader of scanlations, I applaud and respect Viz Manga’s decision in doing this.  We already have simultaneous anime streaming, it should not be hard to do the same for manga.

On a side note, the big debut of this same issue was Komi Naoshi‘s Nisekoi -False Love-.  Even though this is your typical romance-comedy series, I still really like it.  In Japan, it has actually hit it’s one-year mark of serialization.  The main guy, Raku, is the son of a Yakuza clan and, of course, he just wants to live a normal life.  Plus, he hopes to reunite with a girl he made a childhood promise to one day.  One of those “I promise to marry you” kind of childhood promises, complete with a key and locket!  Anyways, in order to quell a Yakuza gang war, he is forced into a relationship with the daughter of the rival gang’s boss, Chitoge.  It definitely doesn’t make him happy, considering he already has someone he likes, and the fact the he and Chitoge don’t get along at all.  But, for the sake of their families, they must enter into this fake relationship and continue to fool everyone into believing in their love.  This is definitely a series to follow for some laughs.

I mostly started reading this because the author had a previous serialized series I liked, called Double Arts, which totally had a better story, but failed due to low readership.

[Source: AnimeNewsNetwork; Viz Manga; Shounen Jump Alpha]


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