Review: Musashi Gundoh

Back in 2006, we got a fairly decent amount of good anime. Death Note, Rozen Maiden, Kaleido Star, Black Lagoon, to name a few.

Well, today’s review is definitely among those 2006 anime.  But GOOD?  Not one bit.  Here’s a post on fan-favorite for being good and being bad, Musashi Gundoh.


The story is set in a fictional feudal Japan, where the Toyotomi Shogunate is the victor over the Tokugawa.  Musashi Gundoh follows Miyamoto Musashi, a brash young man that practices the “Gundoh” style of martial arts, a style mixing gun and sword.  The show delves into a series of Musashi’s battles against monsters, known as “Ayakashi.”

While the story itself sounds like this would be interesting, the only thing interesting about this show is how bad it was.  If you check out the videos below (especially the 2nd one), you’ll see all you really need to out of this series.  How it got flagged for 26-episodes, is beyond me.  If you ask anyone else online, like at forums, people will easily tell you that Musashi Gundoh is one of “the best” anime to ever come to existence.  I’m sure it you can read in-between the lines there.  I’ve seen some animation mishaps in my time, but some things just shouldn’t ever happen and air on TV.

Story: 3/10

Animation/Art: 2/10

Sound: 2/10

So, should you check this out?

Pros – It’s good for a laugh, if anything.

Cons – Just about everything.

You can likely find clips and joke videos on Mushashi Gundoh on Youtube.  Just keep it that way.  If you like your time and don’t like wasting it, you’ll watch these clips just for laughs.



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