New Page Added: Anime Recommendations

If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ve added a new page in correlation to a request an old friend of mine made of me.

Above, you’ll see a new page tab labeled “Anime Listings via Hulu.”  As the title says, it is a list of the stuff I would recommend to any of my friends that are easily available through legitimate means.  I plan to keep this list updated as new stuff comes up on Hulu’s list.

If you’d like a Netflix list of the same type, let me know that it is wanted. I’m a huge Sub > Dub guy, but I respect voice acting as a profession itself. Netflix is full of dubbed anime, so I rarely ever touch it.  But if there is popular demand, I will go out of my way for you guys. 😀



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11/19/2012 · 19:26

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