Review: Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown is easily one of the better series of 2011 that I’ve seen.  Each week, I highly anticipated to see where the story was going to go.  The concept of extracting weapons from peoples’ hearts that reflected upon their innermost feelings seemed very interesting to me.  While there are many out there that could argue that this show was a trainwreck, or simply just not that good, it is still interesting enough to warrant that you find out what happens at the end.

Animated by Production I.G. and written by the guys of Code GeassGuilty Crown  is set in 2039 Japan.  The story revolves around a young man, named Ouma Shu, who acquires the ability to withdraw weapons or tools from the body of another person.  These items are known as “voids,” and the power is called “The Power of Kings.”  He finds himself entangled in a war between a resistance group and the international organization occupying Japan.

Story: 7/10

For a 22-episode series, it sure feels like things get dragged out sometimes.  But that feeling of normalcy is practically required to level with Shu and his cohorts.  Whenever action DOES pick up, it feels worth the wait.  Shu is an introvert from the beginning, so getting that kind of kid to get up and move his ass takes time.  But the sense of watching of watching him grow to be responsible and be assertive is great, especially during the second half.  The series gets really good in the second half and the first half is required to see the absolute changes in Shu.  However, it is easy to get lost in anger when you don’t necessarily relate to Shu and instead criticize him the whole way.  Haha.  There are a couple things that end up left for speculation or completely dropped altogether, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the story what it is.

Art/Animation: 7/10

Production I.G.  did a really good job with this one.  In the setting, I get Ghost in the Shell: SAC vibes.  The character designs are all fairly well done, few complaints.  TV Broadcast animation/art quality had a couple burps here and there, but not annoyingly noticeable.  Definitely enjoyed the movement in action scenes.

Sound: 7/10

Great sound direction.  Each song was used very well for specific scenes.  Whether it was sad and depressing, or to pick up the beat for some action, the music is pretty memorable to an extent.  Here’s an example of a song that was usually used to, if I were to say, lift your spirits up.  Additionally, for those who may be familiar with Supercell (famed by their use of Hatsune Miku with the Vocaloid software), the 1st opening and ending themes were done by them.

So should you check this out? Verdict:

– Pros: If you liked Code Geass, this show is definitely up your alley.  Interesting story and premise.  Pretty well done execution.

– Cons: Character interaction gets ridiculous at times.  So much you might want to punch someone.  Might notice some plot holes too.

While I give it praise and flak, it is definitely a show worth checking out if you’re looking for something action/drama-oriented that would be an interesting watch.  Find it here!


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