Final Fantasy XIV Servers Shut Down with a Bang

I’ll admit that I fell into the hype of Final Fantasy XIV.  I even bought a new computer with specs ready to play it.  I was so pumped to play a FF MMO again, especially after leaving Final Fantasy XI five years ago.  The game was bad.  Like, REALLY bad.  But “A Realm Reborn” has brought new hopes with an entirely new game, basically.  Below is the animated segment depicting the end of the current Eorzea (XIV’s world) in preparation for the next chapter in the (dying)  Final Fantasy franchise.

Square-Enix has been screwing up for years, according to many die-hard fans, including myself.  With Versus XIII still nowhere to be found, Kingdom Hearts 3 a mere dream, and the depressing outcome of the XIII trilogy, it’s hard no to wonder where our beloved SquareSOFT went.  Despite all the gaming problems, Square-Enix always astounds me with their fully-rendered animations that are meant to promote their sub-par games.  Ever since the days of Final Fantasy’s Playstation CG cutscenes, I have always held their studio in high regard for bringing the best in CG graphics to the box-office level.  In this video, that faith (in their animation dept.) is renewed.  Plus, just seeing Bahamut destroying everything is just plain cool.


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