My “Cheesy, Box-themed Rating System”

If you’ve read my reviews from earlier today, you’ll notice that I have a neat image of a box, check-marked with “CONFIRMED” next to it.  Yeah, I’m not gonna beat around the bush and admit that I have configured a cheesy, box-themed rating system that is really just equivalent to “Good,” “Meh,” and “Bad.”  So I figured I’d also mention this now for future reference.  It’s a fun way to keep things rather organized, you think?

You’ll see them as follows:

CONFIRMED will always mean that the posted subject is a definite recommendation.

FRAGILE is a state of Good and Bad.  The posted subject is something that may not be your cup of tea, but it isn’t necessarily uber-bad.  Some things are just like that.

RETURN TO SENDER is the one that absolutely requires my laughter simply because it is like saying “DO NOT WANT!”  The post subject with this tagged onto it is sure to be something atrocious and I’d highly recommend NOT bothering.


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  1. Hw

    I confirmed his rating!

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