The Unboxing

Welcome readers! This is Hako Toshokan. I’m Hako-san and this blog dedicated to the latest in anime and manga. While I’ll mostly cover series that affiliate to my personal tastes, I’ll also give some insight on what else is out there. I often get asked, “(Hako-san) What anime is good right now?” It’s annoying to explain multiple times for multiple people, but I enjoy talking about this stuff in hopes they’ll enjoy a series like I have. In future posts, I hope that you’ll find some of this stuff interesting and not just scoff at all anime/manga being “cutesy” or “fan-service filled” edgy crap for kids who kill themselves if their favorite character dies.

Okay, that last part might have been too much, but the point should be rather obvious.

I’m looking forward to entertaining and informing you guys as this blog grows!


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